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A Review on Harpoon Brewery

Posted on May 24, 2015 in Brewery by

There are many popular cities in the country of United States, and among them, Massachusetts is one of the cities known for manufacturing. Though this state was originally relied on agriculture, trade and fishing in earlier days, it became a manufacturing powerhouse during the time of industrial revolution. Today, the state of Massachusetts has many manufacturing plants. In this post, we are going to review about Harpoon Brewery. This company was the first to get permission to brew beer in the Common Wealth of Massachusetts in past 25 years.

The company offers many varieties of beer and IPA. Some of their products to be mentioned here are Summer Beer, Harpoon Craft Rider, Harpoon 192, Boston Irish Stout, etc. All their products are neatly and attractively packed that can lure any beer lovers at first sight. This company also offer brewery tours at small of about $5. The tours can help the visitors to know the brewing process in close and visitors can also taste the freshly brewed beers.

The company also offer beer hall, where beer lovers can sit and taste the amazing beers from Harpoon. If you would like to know more about Harpoon Brewery at Massachusetts, you can simply log on to their website. The website contains all the information about their products, brewery hall, brewery tour, featured events & festivals and more. Harpoon Brewery certainly makes the Massachusetts very proud. Those, who are visiting Massachusetts, should not miss tasting the taste beer and IPA from the Harpoon Brewery. People should also take the time to visit the brewery plant.

Seven Cycles – A Short Review

Posted on May 2, 2015 in Demonstration by

Since the industrial revolution, this state has been seeing many new manufacturing units. Seven Cycles is certainly one of the big names in the list of popular manufacturers in Massachusetts. This company has become very popular for making and selling strong and custom-built cycles.

Before reviewing about their cycles, first let’s look into their history briefly. Robert Vandermark established the company in the year 1997. The company was first involved in manufacturing high-end steel and titanium frames. Then after one year of its formation, in the year 1998, the company started manufacturing titanium-carbon frames, and in the year 2002, the company started manufacturing full carbon frames. Now let’s review shortly about the bicycles made from Seven Cycles. What is more special about their cycles is that they are made using high-end materials like titanium, carbon, and steel, giving an ultimate strength and durability.

The custom geometrical design makes the cycles perfectly fit and comfortable for riding. Another most significant thing about Seven Cycles is that they are handmade in their factory located at Watertown, Massachusetts. Customers can order customized bikes that perfectly fit and meet their need. If you are so curious to know how they build and manufacture custom bicycles, then you can simply tour their factory. If you have an opportunity to Boston, then do not miss to visit the factor of Seven Cycles. To learn more about their bicycle manufacturing, products, and other details, you can have a look at their official website.

Alden of New England – A Short Review

Posted on April 23, 2015 in Best place by

The products manufactured in Massachusetts have great demand throughout the country and even throughout the world. In this post, we will briefly review one of the products manufactured in this state.

Alden of New England is one of the names that cannot be missed when discussing companies in Massachusetts. This is family owned shoe company that has been into the existence for many years. This company has successfully survived the competition these years, and it is has one of the only two shoe factories in New England. The company is known for making men’s shoes and boots. All the shoes of Alden New England are made of high-quality leather giving utmost durability than other ordinary leather shoe products. Another most significant thing about their shoes is their intricate detailing. You will find their shoes have fine details and designs that simply give an artistically crafted and elegant look.

Their shoes come in different sizes and come in different variations to match the different sort of formal attires. Additionally, their shoes can be easily repaired and refurbished, giving a long lasting use and great value for money. For those, who are looking for stylish, comfortable and durable formal shoes can seriously look into the collection from Alden of New England. To know complete information about the company’s heritage and their list of products simply have a brief look at their website.