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A Review on Harpoon Brewery

Posted on May 24, 2015 in Brewery by

There are many popular cities in the country of United States, and among them, Massachusetts is one of the cities known for manufacturing. Though this state was originally relied on agriculture, trade and fishing in earlier days, it became a manufacturing powerhouse during the time of industrial revolution. Today, the state of Massachusetts has many manufacturing plants. In this post, we are going to review about Harpoon Brewery. This company was the first to get permission to brew beer in the Common Wealth of Massachusetts in past 25 years.

The company offers many varieties of beer and IPA. Some of their products to be mentioned here are Summer Beer, Harpoon Craft Rider, Harpoon 192, Boston Irish Stout, etc. All their products are neatly and attractively packed that can lure any beer lovers at first sight. This company also offer brewery tours at small of about $5. The tours can help the visitors to know the brewing process in close and visitors can also taste the freshly brewed beers.

The company also offer beer hall, where beer lovers can sit and taste the amazing beers from Harpoon. If you would like to know more about Harpoon Brewery at Massachusetts, you can simply log on to their website. The website contains all the information about their products, brewery hall, brewery tour, featured events & festivals and more. Harpoon Brewery certainly makes the Massachusetts very proud. Those, who are visiting Massachusetts, should not miss tasting the taste beer and IPA from the Harpoon Brewery. People should also take the time to visit the brewery plant.

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